Do you tend to lose items while abroad?

Then here’s a list of items to bring a second of.

Bringing a second set of essential items on vacation can be a strategic and practical approach to ensure preparedness for unexpected situations.

Paperwork and personal items
One key item to consider having a duplicate of is identification. Whether it’s a passport, driver’s license, or another form of ID, having a photocopy or a digital copy stored separately from the original can be invaluable in case the primary document is lost or stolen. This redundancy can expedite the process of obtaining replacements and assist with identity verification.

Footwear and sunglasses are another category where having a spare can be beneficial. Depending on the activities planned, having a second pair of comfortable and versatile shoes can save travellers from discomfort due to unexpected weather changes, blisters, or unforeseen damage to the primary pair. Meanwhile, to avoid the loss or theft of your favourite sunglasses, we suggest bringing a great and not- so-great pair. This will allow you to wear those fabulous sunglasses from masunaga in that restaurant you love, while having a cheaper pair on hand for rowdy day trips.

Photographers or those who rely heavily on their cameras should consider bringing a second memory card and a spare camera battery. Running out of storage or dealing with a dead camera battery during a picturesque moment can be frustrating. A backup memory card and additional battery provide peace of mind, allowing for uninterrupted capturing of memories.

Bringing a second set of certain items on vacation serves as a practical precaution against unforeseen circumstances. Whether it’s identification, footwear, charging cables, toiletries, camera accessories, or important documents, having duplicates can contribute to a smoother and more stress-free travel experience. It’s a proactive way to mitigate the impact of common travel hiccups and ensure that essential needs are met throughout the journey.